A romance for her: code-server, the ultimate toolkit of a coder

Mohammad R. Tayyebi
1 min readDec 7, 2023


Firefox on Windows rendering vscode code-server. A photograph of La Bourse de Commerce de Paris by Tadao Ando is set as background image.

I really miss all those goods days that we could share Microsoft Web Matrix through a Virtual Application Delivery (VAD), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provider or a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) thing.

After migrating to Linux, I used xrdpor VNC with a DDNS to access my devices which I had my applications installed on. For me, it means transferring a lot of overhead bits, which I really didn’t asked for.

But today, code-server is only delivering vscode. They wrote vscode using Electron JS. So it’s native somehow.

I am a fan of code-server for passed few months, and this experience was great. Just same as the first time I printed ‘Hello world’ in Google Apps Script. This time I have my whole workstation in my pocket, and I can continue my progress on any device, anywhere, anytime, with even a poor internet connection.