AI to punish innocent

Mohammad R. Tayyebi
2 min readOct 10, 2020

There is always a sci-fi talk around threats of AI in human society and surely Deep Fake is the biggest these days. Videos are dependable documents to refer in some courts, and Artificial Neural Networks made it super simple to adjust a text with victim voice and picture. Turing would be honored to know that today, a professionally edited video, can be undetectable by human. As we all remember the very first days of Adobe Photoshop presence in the market, ‘Photoshoped’ images put hundreds of celebrities in trouble. Computers, with Artificial Neural Networks trained with a small data-set, can fake people’s behavior which was not possible any time before, and it can be potentially a threat to our society.

We estimate that AI someday will leave any type of human skill behind as they do these days in chess, weather forecasting, stock market algorithmic trading, advertisement, and shooter games. They can analyse your Spotify playlist someday and improvise music of your type in real-time.

“Modern problems require modern solutions”. So let Hard Computing to build trust as it did it in cryptocurrencies before with Block Chain data structure. Multimedia can not be evidence anymore until establishment of Internet of Trust. Thanks to 5G, mobile gadgets, and non-expensive processors, we are very close to build trust with help of Sensor Networks and people contributions.

Imagine a video that someone is shouting and shooting another person on street. You can clearly hear the recorded audio, detect the face, and also digital meta-data matches forensic data. You can not respect this video even if you match device IMEI with BTS data in that time span because of probability of conspiracy or similarity.

While philosophy of ‘Who am I’ is not applicable here in case of sending someone to jail, we have to provide a quantitative definition of ‘I’ with bio metrics and behavioral data together, 5G communications of sensors in a local network or internet, stored and verified data in a block chain structure, and clear policies and laws can prevent people from punishment of another innocent.

I deeply believe that we need more talk around this; we need clear polices from governments in cooperation with industry and tech companies. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.