We stopped posting on Instagram and we have added a new rule to our community guide lines (ref [in persian]):

“All habit forming products and/or software, or machines, or media, powered by Artificial Intelligence, must warn human (users) about potential harms of using their products while exposing mechanism of their algorithms, and allow people to control interference of Artificial Intelligence in their product, such as news feeds, promotions, recommendations, etc.”

If we were able to see mental health issues, same as physical issues, we would take action many years ago. We don’t drink a bottle of soda if it is expired. We will ask for ‘organic’ fruits. Then why we don’t have enough control over recommender algorithms on our social media?

I was a competitive programmer, by the far, who had to face new technologies every day and master them. Not only I know the price of change, but also I can feel it. With a background of working for many companies and organizations as a software developer, technology adviser, and IT manager, alongside with launching my own miniature products, I’m gonna suggest the list below, as a result of my latest brainstorm on forecasting IT economy, which all can be the seed for the next $M platforms. I follow a top-down approach in this article.

BUSINESS LAYER: Boosting personal brands and challenging medium-sized businesses HR

Why should anyone work for…

There is always a sci-fi talk around threats of AI in human society and surely Deep Fake is the biggest these days. Videos are dependable documents to refer in some courts, and Artificial Neural Networks made it super simple to adjust a text with victim voice and picture. Turing would be honored to know that today, a professionally edited video, can be undetectable by human. As we all remember the very first days of Adobe Photoshop presence in the market, ‘Photoshoped’ images put hundreds of celebrities in trouble. …

Mohammad R. Tayyebi

Information Technology Student

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